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Our Organization

Anahita is a Rome-based global organization committed to providing a platform to improve the social standing of Iranians, both inside and outside the country.

Our Mission

During the Islamic Republic's 44-year oppressive rule, the regime has tried to destroy Iran's rich thousand-year-old culture and present a false culture to the world. Some Iranian patriotic political and social activists residing in Italy have recognized the importance of making the authentic culture of Iran known to the world and have therefore founded the Anahita association.

Anahita was created with adherence to the principles of democracy, secularism, territorial integrity and respect for human rights and its protocols. The association undertakes to avoid prejudice and discrimination based on gender, sex, race, ethnicity, language, religion, politics, individual, social and economic. Furthermore, it nurtures a nationalistic and patriotic spirit. It is important to underline that Anahita has no relationship or collaboration with any association, party or organization that could oppose the national interests of Iranians, either in the past or in the future.

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