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Dara M. Kamyar is a multifaceted professional. Holder of a Master's degree in Film and Media Engineering, supported by a background in Electrical Engineering, he contributes significant technical skills to his creative projects, focusing mainly on 3D modeling for applications in the video game, animation and virtual reality.
Iranians, Dara is actively involved in promoting Iranian culture internationally. In 2018, he embarked on an academic journey in Italy and has since worked with tireless dedication in promoting intercultural understanding through his artistic work and the dissemination of his knowledge. In addition to his artistic activity, Dara has a deep interest in history, with particular attention to the so-called late antiquity and Persian civilization, especially in the final centuries of the first millennium AD. He continues to promote global appreciation of authentic Iranian culture, as he firmly believes that in the end it is knowledge that triumphs over the sword.

Dara Kamyar


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