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Ashkan Rostami is a professional with extensive experience in the IT field and strong involvement in politics and social activities. Originally from Iran, he earned a degree in architecture in his native country and subsequently studied computer science at the University of Parma, where he is currently pursuing a degree in Political Science and International Relations on a part-time basis.
His professional career includes various roles as ICT systems administrator both in Italy and Iran. He worked as a senior IT administrator in a major construction consultancy firm in Iran and filled the role. In Italy, he worked as an IT consultant/administrator for several enterprise companies.
Ashkan is able to communicate fluently in several languages, including Persian (his native language), Italian, English, Turkish, and Hebrew. He is an active individual, passionate about politics and social issues, and has participated in numerous conferences and seminars on political and social issues. His ability for teamwork and coordination is evident through his involvement in the management of local party groups and associations, in the representation of the Iranian community of Parma at the Parma town hall and in the founding and participation in various associations.
Furthermore, Ashkan Rostami is a committed political activist and member of an Italian liberal democratic party and an Iranian opposition liberal democratic party. His lively and positive personality made him a leading figure in many political and social initiatives.

Ashkan Rostami


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